Everyday Lessons: Food Choices

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So this is another edition of Everyday Lessons. In posts under this title I show specific examples of how I use everyday things to teach important lessons.

One of the things that my wife and I have always struggled with was ensuring the kids have a healthy, well balanced diet. Due in part to all three of my boys being on the Autism Spectrum, this have proven to be a rather difficult task. 

They each have their own unique proclivities with food. Sometimes they don’t like the texture, color or even the look of food items and will simply refuse to eat them.

This has been especially true with Elliott and Emmett.

So what I like to do is try to provide choices for them that are healthier. I also try to help them make food choices that are better for them, on their own.

On of the ways I do this is by including them in the grocery shopping. I guide them through the process of identifying foods that are part of a balanced diet. They learn how to pick out fruit and veggies that are ripe and not cucky, as my kids like to put it.

They also learn to pick healthier snacks as well.

One of the things that I have found while doing this is that, my kids are more likely to try something new, if they were involved in picking it out at the store.

I make it a point to explain how and why eating a banana instead of a cookie is better for their body. While my kids still enjoy junk food, they are able to make healthier food choices on their own.

At least with my boys, I noticed that if I help them to understand more about why their bodies need certain foods in order to help stay healthy, they respond in a more positive way. I think it helps them to feel more in control and that helps to foster independence as well.


– Lost and Tired

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Very informative post! My Congrats!

That’s awesome. Congrats 🙂

We finally cut out dairy and gluten from the girls’ diet and wow what a difference!

Both girls are eating more than just bread and cheese at every meal quesadillas, grilled cheese, etc ).

They’ve expanded their diets to eggs, streak, chicken, fruits and vegetables!