Unscheduled visit -

Unscheduled visit

Elliott was up almost all night. He kept talking about being covered in green. Not really sure what that was all about but he may have been talking in his sleep.

I’m concerned that he may have an ear infection because he screams when we take his temperature via his ear and that has never been a problem before.

Emmett seems to be getting worse. We concerned that in the struggle to get him to take his meds, he may have aspirated. It’s also possible that the issue he had with his lung actually turned into pneumonia because Emmett hasn’t been taking his meds without spitting them right back out.

The boys have appointments at noon today go be evaluated. We are worried that Emmett may need to return to the hospital because he sounds much worse than he was the other day.

Hopefully, everything will check out and these guys are ok.

– Lost and Tired

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