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I ran to Walgreens to get a few items and there they were. They sat there on the store shelf like a little box of miracles. They claim that these allow you the power to make your own quiet time.

Think of the power this will give me.  It’s like the fabled and long sought after mute button.

I already feel more powerful and I haven’t even opened the box yet.  I want to make sure that I’m in a good place when I open them and subsequently use them for the first time.

This amount of power should only be used for good.

Unfortunately,  the mood I’m in after Gavin’s meltdown,  Elliott’s constant whining and Emmett’s insatiable desire to sit on my shoulders (everywhere I go),  I can’t be trusted to wield this awesome new power….yet.

However,  if this works as advertised,  and I fully expect them to,  all I will have to do is put them in my ears and the boys will instantly be transported into quiet time.

If they don’t,  well,  I’m out $4…but if they do… 😉


– Lost and Tired

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Heh….I'm working on a rock opera, and we're going to go through a couple extra-large boxes of those in the next couple weeks.

The girls in the cast seem to like them. But even though my head is ringing, I can't use them; they work not well enough on the noise of our sound effects, and too well on human speech, which is the reverse of what I need…so maybe they'll be great for your purposes. 😉

Lindsey Nesmith

You have no idea how many times I've told my husband I'm getting ear plugs, PARTICULARLY after a meltdown. the only thing stopping me is remembering when I'm at the grocery store. And you're right, good, not evil, and it's such a fine line.
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I totally understand. With Gavin\’s meltdowns, the whole house shakes. I need an isolation bubble to climb into at times, just to hide from everything 😉