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This morning was a relatively good morning. Elliott was feeling better and Emmett seemed to be feeling OK. Lizze was not doing well so she spent most of the day in bed.

We were supposed to go to my parents today in order to celebrate my dads birthday. We had canceled due to everyone not feeling good.

However, since everyone was feeling better, I took the boys and let Lizze sleep. However, shortly after arriving, Elliott told my mom that he still wasn’t feeling well but he was afraid if he had told me that he wouldn’t have been able to go. He was right, I would have stayed home and let someone come to pick Gavin and Emmett up.

I had to take Elliott home because he was still sick and I didn’t want him to get any worse or make anyone else sick.

I examined to him that we don’t keep things like this a secret.

Needless to say,Β  he was not happy with my decision, but I’m his father and that’s why I make the big bucks.Β  πŸ˜‰

– Lost and Tired

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  • Vette says:

    Awe πŸ™ I'm sorry we missed it! I'm even sorrier that poor ER was still sick! I hope he is all better now. And I hope my little EJ's mouth is all better! <3