So,  we all know that we to take safety precautions when we have kids.  We do things like baby proof the house. 

One of the things we needed to do was pull the knows off the stove,  so the kids couldn’t turn on the gas burners.  However,  last night when I made dinner,  I forgot to pull one knows off. 

This morning,  I had to run to the bank while Lizze and Emmett were napping.  I was gone about 20 minutes. 

When I walked back into the house,  smoke was starting to come out of the kitchen.  I also heard the ticking on the igniter on the stove.  When I walked into the kitchen I found that the front left burner was on and the igniter was still ticking away.

I had make a cup of tea this morning and put the wrapper for the team bag in my plate.  When I left for the bank,  I put the plate on the stove and walked out the door.  Apparently while I was gone,  Maggie,  our idiot dog,  was checking the stove for food.  There wasn’t any food,  but when she jumped up to look,  she turned on the burner. She barely did so though because the igniter was barely on.

If she hadn’t bumped the knowledge the way she did,  the igniter would have never lit the gas and the house would have been filling with natural gas the entire time I was gone.

However,  she burned up everything that was in the stove.  The player that I put on the stove,  was right over top of the burner Maggie turned on.  It got so hot that it melted the wrapper from the team bag.  There was a cookie sheet next to it that was used for the fish I had cooked. Both items have been destroyed. 

The glazing on the plate is all bubbled up and the cookie sheet if burnt and warped.  The smell is horrible as well.

We were very lucky.  This could have been a disaster. Luckily,  I got home in time to avoid it.

How many people would have ever thought about this?  I would have never thought the our dog would be able to turn the stove on..never in a million years.  This is something to think about though. 


– Lost and Tired

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I'm glade the family is fine. may God protect your family

Megan C Kitchen

This happened in an apartment near me the first year I lived there. They had left dog food and a greasy pan from cooking a turkey breast on the stove. The dog went for the food/pan and turned on the burner and the grease caught fire. They had to gut the apartment because the smoke got into everything. Still not the huge fire it could have become, but enough to scare me and make me aware of the danger, and the cost even if there isn't a full fledged fire.


While this is a very serious post – your auto spell checker is making it quite hilarious…

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