Frustrated Much?

Frustrated Much?

I’m absolutely frustrated with Gavin.  I’m very aware that majority of my frustrations revolve around behaviors that are outside of Gavin’s control.

However,  just because they aren’t his fault doesn’t mean they aren’t frustrating and exhausting. I’m making the conscious decision to be honest about this because if I’m not,  it won’t do me or anyone else,  any good. 

I don’t want to hide my feelings because that would be denying the truth.  I think that my best bet for long term survival is to purge from time to time, in order to help offset the level of stress I’m constantly under.

As I already said, Gavin is driving me crazy.  He’s not listening and repeating the same inappropriate behavior,  over and over again.  I honestly,  don’t even know why I bother wasting my breath at times.  I mean it’s the exact same thing,  each and every time.

I could literally, prerecord my responses and play them back on demand and they would have the same effect as if I said them in real time. 

He is literally like a 5′ tall toddler.I find myself having to correct Gavin for things that Emmett has developmentally surpassed. For example,  Gavin has almost no impulse control,  which is something Emmett is actually making progress on.

Gavin has just regressed so much that I’m honestly,  not even sure where he is anymore. No matter how hard I try,  I can’t not be frustrated. 

For me personally,  it’s much easier to paint everything in a positive light because I’m not really exposing anything and subsequently,  not making myself vulnerable. 

I’m thrilled to share the positive things,  if and when they occur.  However,  I will not portray things as rainbows and puppies when the truth couldn’t farther from it. 

– Lost and Tired

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In my opinion I always feel better after getting my thoughts out in writting- even if it doesn't involve rainbows. The reason I like your blog so much is because you keep it real. And you make me feel better that I'm not the only one that gets so frustrated.


Thanks alot for the support. I totally agree that getting your feelings down in writing can help. 🙂

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