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I have partnered with the Jillian McCabe, the maker of Sensory Bombsto provide three of my readers with five FREE Sensory BombsSensory Bombs are a tool to help your special needs and/or typical children with bath time and subsequently bed time..

Sensory Bombs are calming tools that offer a highly effective sensory experience. In essence, they are like a weighted blanket for the bathtub; they make the water heavier and provide evenly distributed pressure that “hugs” the muscles and joints. As a result, the child is relaxed, moisturized and able to transition into a restful sleep.














You can also read my review (See: Sensory Bombs [Review])


Jump in and enter to win 5 FREE sensory bombs, shipped directly to your doorstep.  This giveaway is once again run using Rafflecopter. Should you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Me.




Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Looks like something my sisters would like. One in particular turns into a raging jerk monster when she has to take a bath. This may be good motivation. Also…I must admit that I am curious. Volcano like fizzing? Sounds interesting, to say the least.

Tami Mead

I'm so glad that my friend Beth showed me the Reality Autism page and that through that I have found your blog!


These sound really interesting. I would love to have my son try them.
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TJ Isaacson

These sound really interesting. if we get some, I'm going to have to steal them from the kiddos and try them myself 🙂

Megan C Kitchen

Not only do they sound good for Soren, but maybe for me as well since I fight eczema and have soap allergies.


I would love to try these! I think they may help my son as well 🙂


This is a really information Blog, thank you for doing the giveaways as well!


One of the little boys I work with would love these. Thank you for doing these giveaways. I'll have to pass this on to his mom so she can buy some!
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Melody Latimer

Both Daniel and Stephen would love these. Glad I finally know where to get them. Tweets and G+ comments about how amazing they are have had me scouring Google.


Awesome. The woman who makes these is so excited they are helping people.


My son would love these!!! He loves, loves, loves the water and deep pressure!