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Today has been pretty busy.  Lizze has had a pretty rough day as she is on week 8 +  of her migraine (I believe).  There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight.  They can do another headache infusion in December but that’s still a ways off. I wish there was something I could do to take her pain away.

I took some more pictures throughout the day and I thought I would tell you a bit about each one rather then a separate post for each event. I’m simply to tired and tonight was not much fun. So I thought I would do this a bit differently.



Maggie is in hyper-vigilance mode since all of the recent events have take place.  She spends a good part of her day just watching for trouble out the window. She spent the part of her day today, puking up bits and pieces of my couch. Apparently, eating my couch the other day didn’t agree with her. She’s okay though. 🙂

Gavin had OT, Speech and PT again today.One of the things they had him doing today was walking in flippers. This helps him to do the whole heal/toe thing. Basically, it forces him to pick his feet up when he walks instead of scuffing them on the ground. He did great but was a little self conscience about how he looked in the flippers. Also, during speech, he was practicing back and forth conversation with his therapist and sorta got personal. He started asking his therapist if she was married and had any kids. When she answered him no, he asked if she had a boyfriend.

It was really cute and quite likely innocent in nature. She was asking about him and so he began asking about her. We all got a little kick out of it. 🙂
imageSadly, it appears that Mr. Elliott Richard may have an ear infection. He was running a low grade fever this evening and complaining about his ear hurting. He will be home from school as well as visiting the doctor in the morning to make sure he is doing okay. He’s really nervous about going because he just received his flu shot and it’s still fresh in his mind. We are once again, camping out in the living room so he’s more comfortable. I will squish our couches together and we will snuggle and listen to music, probably some Acoustic4Autism. Maggie will sleep at my feet and periodically get up and look out the window, just to make sure all is well.

Last but certainly not least, Emmett and I cleaned out his aquarium this morning. He really likes to help care for his fish and so I totally encourage that. We siphoned out the gravel and drained the water at the same time. We filled the tank back up and treated the water. We also replaced the filter and then fed them. We have to straighten things up a bit in the morning but he did a great job helping.


– Lost and Tired

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