Helping your child with asthma -

Helping your child with asthma



While at the immunologists today with Elliott,  I took some pictures of the 2 giant posters they have on the wall.

These posters offer some common sense or maybe not so common sense tips on how to keep the living environment healthier for your asthmatic child.Honestly,  some of these things are pretty simple and some of these I would never have thought of.

I thought I would share them here and maybe they can help some of you out there.  I’m always trying to find ways to make life easier for everyone. 

I’m going to be implementing some of these suggestions as a way to improve my own kids quality of life. 

Hope this helps.   🙂

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My young son had lung disease (RSV) as an infant and developed asthma from that. We have taken to doing those things plus eliminating all chemical cleaners and perfumes (not hard, I'm very sensitive to perfume) from the house. My next step will be to make my own diswasher detergent since sometimes even the steam from that bothers him and makes him cough. The hardest part of this is when we have sand fleas in the summer that come in on our shoes and clothes…. we may have to start removing those before entering the house and even wiping down, because the chemicals in the pest control sprays set him off the worst and he'll cough for weeks after an application. We also can't use flea collars on the cats for the same reason, but the flea control drops on them don't bother him when we find the unscented ones (there are some brands that smell like baby powder… REALLY?!?!?!?)

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