The Pet Shop -

The Pet Shop

I meant to write about this awhile ago but never got around to it.

It’s something I noticed while talking to Lizze on the phone while I was at the store. I often hear people refer to their house as being a zoo.

However,  in my case,  it sounds a bit different.  While zoo could definitely be used to describe the Lost and Tired household,  it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when I hear all the screaming through the phone.

It have you ever walked in to a pet shop,  not a big chain store,  but a old fashioned pet shop?  When you walk in all you hear are birds chirping,  hamster wheels turning and maybe a puppy barking.

When I call home to check on things while I’m out and about,  that’s exactly what it sounds like.  Every single time I call when the kids are awake,  it sounds like the old fashioned pet shops in used to frequent as a kid. 

It’s actually a pleasant sound on my end of the phone and brings fond memories to the surface for me to briefly relive.

However, it’s a wholly different experience in person.. 

It’s just one of those weird things…  Nothing profound but I thought I would share anyways.

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