We have arrived at Akron Children's Hospital 12/23/2011 -

We have arrived at Akron Children’s Hospital 12/23/2011

We have arrived and been checked into Akron Children’s Hospital.  Gavin is sitting in bed watching TV. 

We have talked with the first doctor,  and I think we overwhelmed him.  The staff doctor came in and he is actually the one we saw the last time.

The only thing they can do is eliminate any life threatening conditions.  They are not equipment to handle something like this in the ER.  That is completely understandable.

We just want to rule out any immediate life threats. 

We will likely be here the rest of the day.  All Gavin can talk about is food.  He missed lunch and doesn’t know what to do with himself. Until he gets worked up,  they can’t allow him to have anything.

A Gavin that has missed a meal is not a pleasant Gavin to be around.  🙁

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Sending prayers from all of us to all of you!!

Julia Hay on Facebook

Thinking of you guys x

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