Things I never thought I would ever say

Today I found saying something that I never thought I would say.

That gave me the idea to start doing posts like this. I think it could be humorous if we all shared our experiences with this. 

I’ll get us started. 

Today I said “Emmett John,  stop chewing on the lamp”.

Never in my life did I think those words would ever come out of my mouth.

Your turn 🙂

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I once had to tell my son who was 3 at the time, "Having your peepee on the dinner table is unacceptable, now sit down and eat please!"

Dan R.

"Is That the (various objects) I just threw out?"


This one made me laugh. We have a few favorites:
‘You may NOT call your sister a lesbian at the finner table!’
‘If you don’t behave, you aren’t going to get to shave your Grandmother’s head when we get home.’
*heavy sigh* Never a dull moment…….!


I had to explain to a child at school the other day why pinecones aren't edible … And the difference between pinecones and ice cream cones.


That is funny. I\’ve actually had to do something similar myself. Thanks for sharing…..

Bonnie Stewart

To my teen-aged Asperger's son: "Go for the shoulder, if you can't drive in the middle of the road. You're less likely to side-swipe someone."

To my 5-yr-old severely autistic son, the day he began to talk. "Say "Match". "Say "Strike it!" I was going for dramatic. I had waited too long to let him slip away again.


Ha, this is a common joke in our family. One of our favorites from the past is "Jacob! Stop stirring the goldfish!"

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Patty stop licking/eating your barbies hair….


My son, Lincoln, has other medical needs to compliment his autism. We've found ourself saying, "Lincoln, no you can't push air into your g-tube." "Stop licking my socks." "No, you can't flush your brothers poop." :-/


I've said,
To students "Bricks are yucky. Don't lick the bricks."
"Put your clothes back on, you're at school. We wear clothes here."
"No! Don't drink that water! Toilet water is not for drinking!, I'll get you a cup of nice, clean water."
To another teacher, "Yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet. He likes them that way."
To my assistant: "Is that vomit in his hand? Why does he have vomit in his hand?"


With three boys–"Well, does he have a butter knife or a steak knife?"
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That's funny. We say things like "well, are you bleeding?"

Parenting is an adventure 🙂


That is too funny:) I told Colton not too long ago, "no we cannot melt metal to make a sword I am not a swordswoman" lol a cardboard sword with foil on it is just not good enough for him…


"Lucas, stop turning off the light when you leave the room!" (because the rest of us are still sitting here lol!)


my favorite was "Tyler don't lick the carpet!"


Been there….. I've said "Gavin, stop eating the carpet".