Our van was just stolen

Our van was just stolen.  They stole it right in front of the boys. I’m was standing 15 feet away from the van when it happened.  I’m so pissed off right now and the boys are hysterical because the van didn’t belong to those people..

They don’t understand..

Waiting on police..

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I truly wish I had the funds to help your family get out of there today! If I did, I promise you, I would. This is terrible. I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this awful neighborhood.

I really wish I could help. 🙁


Thank you everyone. I truly appreciate the kind thoughts. They found the van already but the thieves kept our keys and alarm bypass. The van has to be towed to the Ford dealership so the whole thing can be re-keyed and the keyless entry "stuff" can be replaced as well.

We have to do the same for our house as well.

If they wanted to break into our house, they wouldn't need our keys to do this. What really scares us is this is likely gang related and police are worried that they have our keys still. Also if they did this right in front of me they are either stupid or just crazy. Either way, it makes us very uneasy and the boys, having witnessed everything are pretty upset and acting out.

Thank you again for all the support and kinds thoughts and words. They mean a alot. 🙂

Onyx Panthyr

I'm just glad you guys are all safe too! I hope you guys get to move really soon. :/

And really, what others said – maybe this is actually a good thing…


Boy are those car thieves in for a shock. I hope they have a good mechanic!

I agree, we need to get this family out of there!


Same thoughts here, Real glad the boys weren't in the car!! I really hope you guys get the big brake you really need…praying for you and your family!!

N. Rogers

I think it's time to get somebody to help this family out! Enough is enough. TV show? Local car dealer? If anybody has any ideas, how about starting a letter writing campaign? I'm in Canada and not sure what I can do from here but does anybody have any ideas?


Prayers…stay strong. This sucks.
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OMG!!!! This is beyond horrible!! Im so glad noone was in the van!! omg!!!


I am sooo sorry…I hope the police are able to help you find it or insurance will get you a new one that is grief-free. I hope you are able to calm the boys down and remind them it is just a thing (though I know it feels horrible to have this happen) and that you are all safe and it will get figured out. *hugs*


Julia, Yeah that thought did enter my mind, too, but I wasn't sure how that all worked…


You're effing kidding…! Is it insured? Maybe this could be a blessing in disguise considering how much grief it's given you…


Holy crap! But yeah, what Phatty Daddy said, whewwww. Hope you can get out of that neighborhood SOON! Best of luck with the police stuff… :/

Phatty Daddy

Man, I'm so sorry to hear that.

But look on the bright side (if there is one). At least the boys weren't in the van too!
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