Stealing from a special needs family: update 2

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We received a rental car and can use it until the van thing is settled,  which should be next week.

I very specifically requested a van but instead got a brand new Lincoln Town Card Limited.  Are you kidding me?
What part of 3 special needs kids don’t they get?

I don’t even want to sit in this thing.  I don’t even want it parked outside of my house. If they were willing to steal our crappy van,  I doubt they’ll hesitate to go after this.

I’m totally grateful for the rental and don’t mean to sound otherwise but really?

They apparently were out of more appropriate transportation,  so this is what we get.



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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Was wondering what was wrong with the car, unless one of you is in a wheel chair?? Sorry, fairly new here and not sure of your situation, except you have 3 special needs people…


There isn't anything wrong with the car. I was just saying that a Lincoln Town Car was not something I would have picked out. I was hoping for something a bit for kid friendly and modest. We just had our inexpensive van stolen and our rental is a very expensive temporary replacement.

With three boys, let alone 3 boys with Autism, things are bound to happen. Having a luxury car makes me a bit nervous. However, it's all they had available. I'm grateful, just nervous that something is going to happen to it.

Nice things tend not to last very long and this is a very nice car. That was all. It certainly does the trick, it's just a bit out of our league. We're more of a mini-van type of family.


take it back and switch it out


I would have but I wasn't sure how long we would need it and they didn't have anything else. The guy at the Enterprise Rent-a-Car explain that in the past 2 weeks, they have had over 30 people rent cars because theirs was stolen.