What the heck are you doing?

What the heck are you doing?

Lizze and I are downstairs watching King of the Hill and kept hearing this thumping sound.

We figured it was Gavin because he was the only one still awake. Having said that, I had no idea what the hell he was doing.

When the noise didn’t stop,  I went upstairs to see what heck he was doing.

I want you to guess what he was doing..  Go on and guess.

I’m waiting……

Since I bet most of you won’t ever guess I’ll just tell you.

He was freaking running into the wall in his bedroom,  falling down and doing it again….over and over again.



I meant that question to be rhetorical but of course,  he answered.

He was like,  “I was doing this Dad”.

All I could think to say was,  “GO TO BED”.
I probably shouldn’t have had to add this but I felt I should just in case.  I told him that he was not aloud to run into the wall anymore.

I’m going to try to go find a happy place…

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Rhiannon Fieri

Yep, sounds sensory to me, too. Ash does it as well, sometimes, despite having crash pads, an inflatable walled trampoline, etc., to redirect these impulses at, more safely….at least until I remind/redirect him to vent/meet the needs in those ways, instead. The main difference is that Ash is likely to be giggling or verbally stimming the entire time, and that he usually uses more than one wall/surface. A human pinball comes to mind.
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Toni Smith

Now you can put in your "what have you said to you kids" blog….. Gavin stop running into the wall. haha. I know I should not make it to be funny, but how often do you get to experience that?


My oldest went through a rather amusing "re-enactment" phase. He was a late talker and when he wanted to indicate that he'd fallen or had some sort of boo-boo incident, he'd actually um…re-enact it. Counterproductive, to say the least. Of course, he also spent a lot of time perfecting his pratfall skills.

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probably a sensory thing. i was prone to getting under the mattress. one of my sisters jumps off of things and crashes into the floor…again and again and again. it is surprising that she still has knees to jump on.


Ahhh the fun of sensory seeking.. He probably doesn't even know why he's doing it, all he knows is that it probably feels good. Try to help him find another way of getting that crashing sensation- maybe crashing into a mattress or a bean bag?

It's another one of those 'Never thought I'd have to say this' things.

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