Problems at school

Problems at school

Yesterday,  for the first time in quite a while,  Gavin had major problems at school.

We haven’t been able to get much from him without him melting down.  What we know is that he was escorted to the principles office at least twice.  This only happens when he completely loses control.  In other words,  things have to be pretty bad for him to go to the office.

From what we know,  Gavin wasn’t listening to the directions during an assignment and that led to him not knowing what he was supposed to be doing. 

That of course,  led to at least 2 meltdowns.

The concern I have is that I think this may have more to do with him not being able to hear what the teacher was saying and less about him not paying attention.

The problem is that his teacher told him that if he had been paying attention,  he would know what he was supposed posed to be doing.

At this point Gavin is saying that wasn’t paying attention and that’s why he got in trouble.

The reality is that if his teacher had said he was bouncing a ball on his head and that’s why he didn’t know what he was supposed to be doing,  he would believe them. 

Gavin is very easily influenced by authority figures. 

I will not tolerate anyone making assumptions about any of my kids and I will be speaking with the teachers very soon to get their side of the story.

Lizze and I have been concerned about Gavin’s hearing for awhile now.  The last me we went into to have him checked, they found another problem that took priority over the hearing test.

A hearing test will take place very soon.

We need to know how to help him,  whether it’s simply paying more attention at school or getting him help with his hearing. I’ve been saying that something is wrong for quite some time now. We just can’t seem to figure out what that something is.

**Thanks for reading**

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While you're getting his hearing checked I strongly recommend you to get him checked for auditory PROCESSING issues, not simply hearing. He may be able to hear tones and blips/beeps just fine, but spoken words may not be processed correctly leading him to not respond. It's the difference between hearing a noise and realizing it was a noise, and hearing words but not knowing what someone said. Someone with autism, among other problems, may not immediately know to ask for clarification.… It comes along with the sensory issues normally, it's just not as well known.

Good luck guys


In my opinion, If his behavior is so "bad" to warrant two trips to the office, the school/teacher should be contacting you! What if your child hadn't told you about this? This lack of communication on their part is inexcusable.

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