#Autism is exhausting

It’s been a really, really long day filled with Emmett screaming,  kicking and fighting.  When Elliott came home from school he added his own screaming to the mix.

It was like a duet from hell. It was horribly out of tune,  ear piercing and headache inducing. I would be lying to you if I said that Autism wasn’t exhausting,  because it is totally exhausting.

Gavin was really the only one who actually listened tonight. Kudos to him for setting a good example tonight.

The boys are in bed and Lizze and I have settled onto the couch and are watching our new/old show on NetFlix.

Ever since we watched the series Lost,  we haven’t found another show that we both are into and can watch together. Since we don’t have cable or satellite,  we stream NetFlix.

Basically,  we don’t get to watch anything till it hits NetFlix and is streamable.

We recently discovered Supernatural and have become addicted.  NetFlix has the whole series,  we’ll at least season 1-6.  It’s enough to get us through the winter.

Lizze and I try to watch a few episodes each night.  We usually only get 2.shows in before the kids come a callin.

It’s really the only time we get to spend together,  so we really look forward to this time every night. Although,  every night is wishful thinking as Lizze usually, goes to sleep pretty early. However,  since we have been watching Supernatural though,  she has really been trying to stay awake.

I hope you all have your own Supernatural because everyone needs a little downtime.

Until later 🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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You are so right about Autism being exhausting, but in our case add in Bipolar to the mix with our daughter. She is trying our patience more so than our child with Autism. I’m hoping adding the Depakote that the doctor just prescribed is our saving grace!!!!



I understand completely. Our oldest has schizoaffective disorder. He was originally diagnosed with Bipolar disorder but later with schizoaffective disorder. It\’s all the fun of the mood swings, coupled with full blown audio and visual hallucinations.

He is currently on lithium and clozapine to control the symptoms. Might I suggest you join our support forums. There are actually of people going through similar things and we all support each other. 🙂