Learning the hard way

Sometimes lessons have to be learned the hard way.  No matter how many times I try to explain to my kids why we do something a certain way,  sometimes they just have to learn on their own.

The other day,  Emmett snuck out of the house.  Now,  I was out with Maggie in the yard at the time.  However,  he let himself out and without a coat on.

It was in the 50’s out so it wasn’t that cold.

However,  he refused to go back into the house.  When Lizze and I both tried to get him,  he ran deeper into the yard.

We explained that he’s not allowed to let himself out of the house.  Did he understand that?  Probably not,  but it feels like the right thing to do,  even if he doesn’t get it.

Anyway,  we were at a standoff.  Then from out of nowhere,  a huge drop of water landed on his shoulder. I thinking was from melting ice in the tree.

He immediately freaked out cause he hates getting wet and he hates his clothes getting wet even more.

He ran right back into the house.

I had to laugh to myself because of that wasn’t a natural consequence,  I don’t know what is.

Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not laughing at him but more at the situation and how it seemed to resolve itself.

You just can’t beat natural consequences

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       -Lost and Tired

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Rhiannon Fieri

::wry smile::

Well, I hope it sticks!

A few years ago I realized that it MAKES SENSE for Ash to have issues with causal concepts (cause and effect, consequences, Why?, etc.)….his SPD is so variable that his experience of the world, the same things in the world, can change from one minute to the next. There appears to be no consistency, no rules to the world that he can, in a direct way, experience as relating to himself. It is taking time, and age along with it, to get some of these things through to him, as patterns that he must respect, even if he can't understand yet how they apply.
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