Changing of plans is no surprise…again

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I mentioned last night that we have rescheduled Elliott and Gavin’s appointment with the neurologist until after they have their EEG’S done next week.

There were a few reasons for this but one of them was that Elliott wasn’t feeling well.

Elliott woke up this morning and all he really has is a runny nose. He has an occasional cough but it’s related to post nasal drip and not some kind of respiratory infection. He also hasn’t run fever since Wednesday.

He was up early and immediately bouncing off the walls. Lizze and I decided that he was well enough to go back to school. 

He did not like that idea at all.  He lost it and soon came the river of tears that that we have become accustomed to,  especially lately. He literally had to be carried out to the van because he refused to walk.  I also had to wrestle him to get his coat on.

It feels really bad to have to do these things but he needs to be back at school.  Aside from the fact that he’s driving us crazy,  there was no reason for him to be home today.

He’s gonna do just fine at school today.  The teachers know what to expect and are more than capable of handling him.

It just never ceases to amaze me how frequently our plans change or have to be adjusted at the last minute. That is something that many people don’t seem to get or don’t understand.

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