It’s not selfish, it’s survival

It’s not selfish, it’s survival

As I’m sure you can imagine,  Lizze and I don’t get out much. What I mean by that is we don’t get out by ourselves very often.

It’s tough not to be able to spend some alone time with your spouse or partner because you’re always wrapped up in the kids.

Last year we had decided that even if we can’t get away,  at least we can dedicate some time to each other,  at least every once in awhile. More often than not,  these plans fall through for one reason or another.

However,  tonight Lizze and I hung out and had some ice cream and watched our new obsession on Netflix.

Last year,  Lizze and I watched the entire series of Lost. We don’t have cable or anything so we have to wait for it to become available on NetFlix.  We watched that show and finished the entire series in a few weeks.

I was personally devastated by the way Lost ended. 

Since then,  we haven’t been able to find a show to switch over to.  Sure we have watched the entire series of King of The Hill more times than I can remember but we haven’t found anything that really motivated us to sit down and watch it regularly.

However,  we recently began watching the show Supernatural and we are freaking addicted.  Lizze and I steal a few hours a night,  as often as possible,  so we can watch 2 or 3 episodes.  We are currently in the middle of season 2.

I’m sure some people would hear this and think Lizze and I are pretty sad to think this qualifies as quality time together.

To them I would say something like,  as special needs parents we don’t have the luxury of spending the typical quality time together.  Instead we chose to spend whatever time we can find with quality people,  each other.  Sometimes that all you get. Honestly,  it enough for us.

I hope you all put there have your own version of quality time.  Whether your single or with someone,  it’s so important to have some time to yourself or with your significant other.  We are living very stressful lives and if we want to survive,  we need to take care of ourselves. 

It’s not selfish,  it’s survival.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I don't have any special needs kids at home, but we still have our fav shows!


My quality time consists of an hour of video game playing with my bf. We get our frustrations out on each other by playing on opposite teams…It turns out to be really funny and we end up going to bed happy. If it works it works, :3


This is totally how my husband and I get our quality time in. Usually by the end of the day with 2 boys on the spectrum, that's all we have the energy for. For a long time that is all we had. We have been blessed with an amazing babysitter who has been with us for the past 3 years or so. We started out small, just watching 1 kid at a time while we were at an appointment with another, but the boys loved her and she started encouraging us to take more time for ourselves. We started doing small dates and the boys and her showed us that they could handle it and have a great time. We have even used her for a rare, but luxurious overnight stay in a hotel room. I now cling to her like an oxygen tank. She is wonderful. My husband's parents are out of town, and my parents are about 20 min away but my dad has health problems and my mom is a great grandma, but isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and our boys could overwhelm and out-manipulate her in a matter of seconds and it makes us concerned for everyone's safety. She is a great grandman to them, so we just keep it that way, but it does get frustrating when so many people can drop their kids off at their parents or ruse their parents for free childcare. We haven't had free childcare in over 6 years.


couldn't have said it better.

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