We figured out what’s wrong with the van

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We figured out what is wrong with the van.  It’s possessed….or haunted.  That’s right,  you heard me correctly.  It’s possessed.

We managed to get the van running when my Dad showed up by jumping it.  It’s like the battery just died and everything went crazy.  Don’t laugh but Lizze and I have been watching Supernatural and this totally seems like something right out of the show.

Anyway,  we made it home just fine and all was well.  The van started up with out any problem.

However,  Lizze looked outside about an hour after we got home and the headlights were on.  No the headlights are automatic.  They can be manually changed over so they are on or off but the automatic works out best. 

Typically,  when you exit the van the lights stay on for a few minutes or until you lock the van and arm the alarm.

When I went out to see why the lights were on,  I discovered that the lights had been manually changed over to the always on position.  I couldn’t have accidentally bumped it either,  because where it’s located and the direction it would need to turn.

The only explanation is that it’s either haunted or possessed. 

I will say that I checked the Carfax before buying this van and everything checked out.  However,  I didn’t see a section for whether or not someone had died on the van before we got it.  They should have to disclose this type of information.

It’s going to have to go back to the dealership for a once over. Haunted or not,  we need to figure out what the heck is going on because we didn’t go through all of this to get a van that is unreliable.

I don’t really thinks it’s haunted or possessed but it was acting just like we have seen on TV.  Really weird and a bit disconcerting.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I own a Ford Windstar as well, and it has been a great van. However, I have been told by a mechanic that they know for electrical "gremlins".


If you decide to call an exorcist to get rid of the problem, be sure to pay him or the van could be…… "repossessed"!
Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Maria Hall

I have a Ford Windstar. Totally love it. However, it is haunted at times also. Lights flicker inside, lights sometimes stay on when they should not be on at all…. hope they can figure it out for you, if it is electrical it can be hard to track down.