#Autism and surviving the screaming and whining

#Autism and surviving the screaming and whining

This has been the day from hell.  Thankfully,  Elliott is feeling better but he and Emmett have been at each others throats all goddamn day.

I swear they are setting out to drive Lizze and I crazy. A large portion of the problem resides with Emmett.  He has been in a really weird place for the last few days.  He’s not getting along with anyone right now.

There has been more screaming today than in the entire series of Scream movies.  I mean,  it just never stops. If the slightest thing goes wrong or the tiniest thing is out of place,  Emmett just freaks out.

The combination of Elliott whining and Emmett screaming is something that would break even the most difficult people to interrogate.  Although it does border on torture,  so I don’t know how well that would go over. 

Truth be told,  by the end of the afternoon,  I was ready to give them whatever they wanted as long as the screaming and whining stopped.

Don’t get me wrong,  I love my kids but they can scream and whine with the best of them. Elliott’s whining is related,  at least in part,  to his extreme anxiety.  Emmett’s screaming is most likely related to his speech and language delays as well as overstimulation. It’s not their fault but that really doesn’t make it any easier to cope with.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Holly Martin via Fac

No thank you! I love your page, its ace! 🙂

Lost and Tired via F

Thanks again Holly Martin

Holly Martin via Fac

Oh bless, Chin up….tomorrows another day! We had a bit of a 'wobbly ' afternoon, don't get me wrong it wasn't meltdown central, but Tyler came home from school needing quite a bit of attention and to cut a long story short this resulted in me having to make my bed into 'a tent' in which Tyler then took his nintendo ds and 'his things' (his stimming tools, i.e. a squirty bath toy and a dressing gown belt!) And then was peace at last! haha….albeit briefly! :/ Anyhow, finally he went to sleep at about 10pm…so i'm expecting the pitter-patter of the little footsteps across the landing soon so…..I guess I ought to try and beat him into my bed! I hope your peace boys have a better day tomorrow and are more at peace with themselves, each other and the rest of the world!….Hang in there, you obviously do a great job! <3

Iliana Hernandez

I can relate to your situation in so many levels. My son is 17 yrs. old with limited speech and he just talks LOUDLY all day. He also marches from the front of the house to the back for hours clapping his hands or slapping his stomach. Sometimes he just hums and screams. It is extremely frustrating. At times I have to scream myself just to cope. He has recently been agressive, hitting my arms and having tantrums. It is usually when he gets home from school off the bus. (for some reason he does not like school. I think it is all the transitions he now has to go through since now in high school.). Keep on keeping on.


Get some noise cancelation headphones and put them on.
We have students that use them when noise is too loud for them (ie from another student.). But we have had staff use them at times at well. When working on "planned ignoring " or a behavior. Or On a really loud day.

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