#Autism: When regression happens

#Autism: When regression happens

If I had any hair left,  I would be pulling it out right now.  Emmett is absolutely impossible lately. He is aggressive,  moody and ill tempered.  Lizze described his behavior pretty accurately when she said Emmett is acting like teenage girl with PMS.

He is literally all over the place.  He’s not listening,  he’s bullying his brothers and the dogs.  Anything he can get his hands on,  he will destroy. 

The little booger is even going into Gavin’s room,  just to go into his drawers and throw his clothes all over the floor. He’s dumping toys out after they have been picked up and put away.  It’s not like he’s lacking attention,  as he gets more attention than anyone in the house.

It’s almost like his personality is shifting and I’ll be real honest with you.  That scares the crap out of me.

Emmett is about the exact age that Gavin began to regress.  Losing Gavin to regression like that….it broke me in a way that just never heals.  A part of me died all though years ago. 

Now I have become hyperaware of the whole regression thing and it really has me worried. Emmett has been showing more and more Autistic traits as time goes on. I’m sure that’s not to uncommon but when you have been through what we have with Gavin,  this is like our worst fear realized.

I pray that this is just a phase and not a sign of something worse.  The worst part about this for me is that I will never know if or when these changes would occur.  With Gavin,  we had no idea what was happening and before we figured it out,  the Gavin that used to be,  no longer existed. There were things that we never got to do and things I wish I had been able to say.  I can say those things now but Gavin doesn’t connect that way anymore.

I can’t bare the thought of losing Emmett in that same way……….

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Shawna Marie via Fac

Question i only have mobile and i try to read as much as i can but well my alone time is small can't leave the room you know how that is but do any of your boys take things apart? Mine ruins everything he touches. Rarely out of anger. Mostly Borden. But anger still plays a big part. Its just boredoms bigger.lol. its so bad from pencils to appliances. I have to go to " common goods" on market north ( a wonderful free clothing store , through first Christian church) because clothes are disposable for my son. My son always falls back during school breaks. To me it's like the movie " 50 first dates" got off track now trying to hop back on the mellow train. I read how your sons starting to be aggressive n mine is medicated it just comes n goes like pms lol its never stopped n idk when its coming but calm or mad my son pics drywall , breaks curtain rods , peels paint , pulls cotton out of everything . Can't keep a coat or shoes in between a month to 3 he rips them . I just wondered if you experienced this too. & if so any methods to help it? Idk how to quite get around on mobile. Sorry idk how to pm you. & I'LL Pray he gets back on track! God bless your family!

Holly Martin via Fac

:'( I worry so much about the future too, it can be so cruel that just when you're making progress your whole world can be turned upside down. So unfair. My son is nearly 9 btw. all your boys are gorgeous. x

Lost and Tired via F

Thanks Holly Martin. Gavin was almost 4 when he completely changed.

Holly Martin via Fac

This is really sad. I dont know what to say! Other than I really feel for you! And I will pray for your boys. How old are your boys now, if you don't mind me asking? And how old was Gavin when he regressed? I really hope history doesnt repeat itself for your family mate, :'( thinking of you all. <3


I know about those grocery trips too – or any trip into a public place for that matter! 🙂 I just read about your blog and your three special children in the Rep issue that a friend gave me. I have four children, two of which are special needs and they both receive therapies in North Canton (Concorde Kids, and behavioral healthcare at Phoenix Rising). I have a high functioning autism 8 yo son and OCD/anxiety – sensory disorder 12 yo son (the latter is medicated) ; we continue to homeschool and go to therapies. I use my Facebook and blog to also spread Autism Awareness. Have you seen the movie A Mother's Courage: Talking back to Autism? … I'm glad my friend saved this article for me – I'll be visiting your blog more often. Denise in Minerva
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