Elliott’s Vaccine Reaction: The exam

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Elliott and I are already at the pediatrician’s office.  The redness and swelling is continuing to spread and Elliott says his arm feels like it’s on fire.

He’s pretty nervous but handling it well.  I,  on the other hand,  am pretty freaked out. They said over the phone that one of the concerns is cellulitis,  if the swelling continues.  We have been putting on cool compresses on his arm all morning but it doesn’t seem to be helping much.

We just can’t seem to win.  As I was leaving this morning,  I accidentally shut Emmett’s finger in the goddamn door.  He had reach to grab the door and stop me from shutting it and I didn’t see his little hand there.  Father of the year……sigh 🙁

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Gail-Anne Bobik

Rob, breathe. Everyone makes mistakes when taking care of children even the “father of the year”. Emmett suffered no harm, you are helping Elliott, you need to breathe and not berate you for perceived failings you haven’t made. You are a really good dad. Own that. ❤️

Lost and Tired via F

Thanks 🙂

Holly Martin via Fac

Thinking of you and your little man! :/ Don't beat yourself up over Emmett's finger, we all have accidents and it's understandable your mind was on other things….Continuing to pray for Elliot….Good luck! <3


I feel more sorry for you than either Elliott or Emmett right now. They will both heal but you need to stop beating yourself up, you do an amzing job 24/7. Cut yoursefl some slack and breathe……..

Jan J

Sending prayers for Elliot. And, you ARE Father of the Year. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Stacy Romaine

Those things happen to the best of us, much less on days when there is even more on your mind than usual, if that's possible. Try to cut yourself some slack and hopefully the doctor has something good to tell you – hope it feels better for him soon!