Today’s Victory: 03/11/2012

Today’s Victory is brought to you by Gavin. Gavin has a lot of challenges in his young life. He struggles with behavioral issues and has, several times, in the past been hospitalized for those behavioral issues.

However, today is a day that I want to celebrate because Gavin had an absolutely perfect day. While we never stride or push for perfection, that doesn’t mean we will discourage it. In fact, I want to share with everyone, just how proud of him I am.

Today, Gavin was a fine example for his younger brothers. This isn’talways the case but today was a very big exception.

We had no meltdowns from him today and he was instrumental in many of today’s activities. Great job Gavin… 🙂


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Laura Flynn via Face

I'm new to your page, but I have to say I've really been enjoying your "Today's victory" segments. So therapeutic to look for the victories every day. Love it.

Craig Gibson via Fac

That's some pretty cool stuff!

Kim Williams

Well, hot DAMN! I'm grateful. I'm grateful because this sort of day is what keeps you hanging on through the days that totally suck the big one. We need these days, as parents, to stop from hanging ourselves (and you know I'm not even kidding there.) Keep reminding yourself and your son what he is capable of…. and keep those days in the forefront of your mind when you have the helpless hopeless days. You know that song that's so popular now? "We fell in love in a hopeless place…."? That's having a child with autism. You've fallen in love with a child who has brought you to a hopeless place… and yet still you have hope. That's what real love is about. And to know that this constant love has actually yielded something awesome like the day your G had today? There ya go. That's what it gets you. So that's totally cool.

Yvette Kennedy

Great job Gavin! Auntie Vet is very proud of you. I hope this is one day of many more to come! Such a wonderful young man you are becoming~!

<3 you


WTG Gavin!!!!