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Fridays plans have had to change.  When we arrived home today from picking up Lizze,  we were met with a surprise. Dominion left a little present in the form of a shut off tag.

Truth be told,  we have always struggled to meet our expenses,  at least more recently.  However,  since the van was stolen,  things have been a bit more challenging.

That goddamn van getting stolen is like the gift that keeps on giving.

I managed to get it turned back on but not until tomorrow,  sometime between the hours of 7am and 11pm. I explained that I really could use it back on tonight but they weren’t moved. We sent Gavin and Elliott to Lizze’s parents because they need showers and baths. 

Her mom is taking them to school so I can wait around all day for them to turn it back on. I realize it’s my fault and all but I’m doing my best.

I know there are many other special needs families out there facing the same or even worse struggles.  I would love to see these companies be a bit more understanding.  I realize it’s wishful thinking but I can still dream.

I hope that everyone out their struggling,  knows that they aren’t alone.  Hang in there.  🙂

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       -Lost and Tired

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Utilities companies are never understanding, particularly in places where they have a monopoly on services. We had a story in SW Florida a few years back where the power company threatened to turn off the electricity to a home where a terminal cancer patient was being treated with lifesaving appliances. At the height of the recession, this poor family was struggling with major medical bills, OF COURSE they had trouble keeping the lights on. But the company had a deadline and was sticking to it, regardless of whether they could actually kill someone.

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