#Fit4Autism: Day 15 UPDATED -

#Fit4Autism: Day 15 UPDATED

I haven’t been able to walk since Gavin and Elliott were in the hospital this week.  I going to attempt to make up for that this afternoon by doing about 4 miles.

I don’t have a great deal of time because the kids are a handful right now and Lizze has had better days.

However,  as much as I don’t feel like doing this today,  I’m going to do this for my kids.  A healthier me equals a better father for me them. When I get a chance,  I want to get t-shirts made up so that I can spread more #Autism Awareness.

I’ll post my workout when I’m done.  You can also follow me if we’re friends on endomondo.

Here goes nothing……

UPDATE: I kinda did pretty friggin awesome 🙂

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