Confession of a special needs father: 04/08/2012

Confession of a special needs father: 04/08/2012

I haven’t had a confessions post in quite awhile,  so this is a bit overdue.  For those of you new to my blog,  I really try to be as honest as possible,  even if it’s not very pretty or makes me look bad.

I really believe that by being honest, I can help someone out that that maybe feels isolated or alone in the way they feel about something.

I also try to remove the stigma attached to things like depression,  for example.

It’s been awhile since my last confession.A lot has happened in that time.  I thought I would bring my newer readers up to speed on things. 

I suffer from depression and on the depression front,  I think I’m doing pretty good.  I feel tired a lot but I think that is to be expected with everything I have going on.

If you recall,  I’m currently on 40mg of Paxil per day.  It’s definitely helped me to cope with everything I have going on.

Before the medication,  I was in pretty bad shape.  I was stuck in cyclical thoughts and was convinced I was dying.  That’s probably putting it mildly to. 

However, since seeing my doctor and getting help,  I feel sooooo much better,  not perfect but definitely better.  I’m not obsessing over things anymore.  I’m getting more accomplished and I’m a better husband and father as I’m more balanced.

Life is still completely overwhelming but as my doctor has put it,  “there isn’t any legal medication I can give you that will make everything better.  You life is just way to stressful and chaotic for that.” Considering all I’m up against on a daily basis,  I think I’m doing a damn good job,  not perfect mind you but damn good.

Why in the world would I share my personal struggle with depression? 

I think that it’s important to be open and honest when it comes to thing like depression because it carries with it a stigma. Depression is difficult to explain to someone who have never experienced it.  It’s also something that many people are ashamed of.

To me,  depression is not something to hide or be ashamed of.  It’s a medical condition and needs to be treated.

My hope is that by sharing my story,  people will be inspired to be more understanding to those suffering from depression.  I also would hope that anyone out there that thinks they may be suffering from depression would get the help they need or at least talk to someone about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Please get help if you need it.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Awesome post! Thank you so much for your confession. I made a similar one myself recently and as I said there, I hope that one day people will be able to admit having depression as easily as they admit having a cold.


Just going through this today, as well! Depression is a hard thing and what I hate more than anything is when you are having a bad day, and the first thing people say is "Did you take your pills?" As if, there is no possibility that you can still have bad days, even on meds! Just wanted to say, you're not alone!
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Agreed Meredith there is so much misconception everywhere it ticks me off. You see these commercials of people lying in bed unable to do anything, they pop a pill and Woohoo, life is better. That is so far from reality and until someone has experienced it, they can't even begin to understand!

steven perrin


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