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Here at Lost and Tired, my goal is to actually help people by presenting them with our real life experience as parents to three boys with #Autism. While our situation may be different from yours, we are all on the same journey. Something else we all have in common is that we all need help and advice from time to time. Personally, I like speaking to people who have actually been there, or are actually going through something similar.

I have found that this type of support helps on many levels.

For starters, talking to other parents is very non-clinical and much more personal. We can relate to each other in a understanding and non-judgmental way. What I find really cool about this is that you can openly speak your mind and not have to explain yourself.

Many of you are likely aware of the support group that I formed on Facebook. It’s the best support group on Facebook because there is no bullying and the community is very active.

Most importantly is that it’s private. This means that unless you are a member, you can’t see anything. This provides privacy and the ability to speak your mind without fear of repercussion.

In the year or so that I have had this group, things have gone very well and we have grown.

It was inevitable that at some point things were going to have to evolve into something bigger. Facebook is no longer sufficient for what I want to provide the community with.

What are the Community #Autism Support Forums and why join?

So one of my big plans for the year 2012 was to start an official Community Autism Support forum

I’m very happy to say, that while many of my other plans have had to take a back burner thanks to recent events (the theft of our family van), the official Community Autism Support forum are up and running.

What does this mean?

Well, in a nutshell, it means the best Community Autism Support forum around, just got better.

This also means that you have an even better place to go and seek help from other parents that have been there. The new Community Autism Support forum are running on the latest version of vBulletin software which means you have tons or freedom to express yourself and your opinions in a much better way. You can embed videos, pictures and completely customize your profile.

If there is something you would like to see, let me know and I will do what I can to address it. I also have a group of moderators that help to enforce the zero tolerance policy on bullying.  The Community Autism Support forum is a completely private group and only members can enter the forums. This helps to ensure everyone is free to say what they need to say, without fear of reprisal.

How do you access the Community #Autism Support Forums?

The Join the Community Autism Support forum can be accessed via the browser on your computer.

However, we live in a world that has gone mobile. I understand the need to support mobility and so in an effort to improve the accessibility and usability of the Community Autism Support forum, I have added Tapatalk support. Tapatalk is an app available for your favorite smartphone or tablet that gives you complete access to these forums from anywhere….

From this app you can create new threads and reply to treads as well. You can send and receive private messages as well as receive notifications of updates and new posts. This is a great way to experience the Community Autism Support forum while on the go. Also, the forums can be moderated from the Tapatalk app as well. So if a problem arises, I can address it from wherever I’m at, as can my team of trusted moderators.

This app is available for AndroidiPhone/iPadBlackberry and Chrome

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Instructions for using Tapatalk with the Community Autism Support forum :

1) Download and install the app on your preferred device. This app is available for AndroidiPhone/iPadBlackberry and Chrome. You can use the links above to install via your computer. (Price on Android is $2.99, Blackberry is $3.99, iPhone/iPad not sure). There are also free versions, at least for Android that support ads.

2) Run the app on your device and search for “Autism Support”. You should find the forums and my logo.

3) You will be prompted to log in. Use your username and password that you created when you registered for the forums originally.

4) You can then use the forums via your smartphone or tablet.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

I hope this makes things a bit easier for everyone. My goal is to make this as easy and accessible as possible.

******Special Note******

Please take note that you will need to register and reply to the confirmation email before gaining access. This is done to prevent spam and help ensure everyones privacy. If it takes more than a few minutes to get your email contact me and let me know.


Please help spread the word about our amazing support group. We are always looking for new members and everyone is welcome.

So what are you waiting for? Simply click the banner below or click on the Community Autism Support forum page at the top on this site.

So without further ado, please allow me to present you with Community Autism Support forum 


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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