#Autism: Regulatory issues

#Autism: Regulatory issues

Many times I have spoken about Gavin’s inability to self-regulate.  This is pretty much across the board.

One of the main concerns is his inability to regulate his own body temperature.  This may be due to a disorder called Dysautonomia,  something we are returning to the Cleveland Clinic for in the next few weeks.

Anyway,  I wanted to share an example of what I mean by inability to regulate his body temperature and why it concerns us.

In the picture below,  you will see Gavin sleeping.  However,  it’s what Gavin is wearing to bed that is concerning.  He is wearing a long sleeve shirt, a T-shirt, and then a sweat shirt. He’s also wearing pants and socks. He is sleeping under a sheet and comforter as well. 

It was in the 80’s today and waaaaayyyy to warm for the clothes he is wearing.

However,  despite how warm it was,  he is still freezing.  Until now,  we would always discourage this because we were concerned that he would overheat. 

We have sense learned that Gavin is likely unable to regulate his own body temperature and so he has found ways to control that without even knowing.  For Gavin, this is way more than sensory related.

How many of you folks see your kids doing the same thing?


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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kristi collins

my son is autistic i noticed marks on both arms it goes under too to the arm pit.has couple on back and 1 leg. school nurse said its a condition where the blood vessels expand from having a fever alot, which he does. also he jus stays warm all time especially while sleeping. any info??????

E (The Third Glance)

I do the same thing. I’ve never been able to keep my body temperature up (I hover just below 96.0), and I sleep in at the very least a T-shirt, sweatshirt, pants and socks. Sometimes more. Plus I have 2 comforters and a blanket on my bed. I have heard that others on the spectrum have difficulty with thermoregulation as well… I think its more that I’m cold, rather than that I’m dis-regulated, but still definitely something I relate to.

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