Gavin’s Lego Creation: 04/29/2012 -

Gavin’s Lego Creation: 04/29/2012

Gavin created this Lego creation for Emmett.  It’s a transformer and Emmett loves it.

However,  it’s a bit to complex because it falls apart all the time, which frustrates Emmett. However,  it’s a really creative transformer and it’s also the thought that counts.



**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Dudge OH


We've had a gajillion LEGO sets over the years and only the majority of the Bionicle/Hero Factory characters and a Hoth Rebel base diorama have survived. the rest of the pieces seem to be destined for either creative use by DS1 (our Aspie) or scattering around the floorspace throughout the house, in just the right places for DW or I to step on, barefooted!
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