Gavin’s 48 hour VEEG: Update

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Lizze has spoken with the doctors today and has learned some new things about what’s going on.

The good news is that the meds seem to be working at this point or he just hasn’t had any seizures today. They went over the first 24 hours of the EEG and said that something interesting.

Apparently,  there is a specific brain wave that is present in many kids that have seizures and it’s presents in between each seizure. Gavin has that brain wave pattern. We are totally new to the whole seizures thing and so I’m not totally sure what everything means, but I’m learning.

Aside from that, they haven’t even been able to induce a seizure in him. I would think that is a good thing, right?

They told Lizze today that the point of this VEEG is not to prove seizure activity but instead to make sure he’s on the right dose of the right medication.  Does that make sense? So far,  it seems as though we are on the right track.

Emmett and I will go pick them up tomorrow and bring them home. Lizze is going to be paying a price for the past 48hrs.  She already has a significant increase in her level of pain and her migraine is back again…..and in full force.  Truthfully, the migraine has been there for a few weeks but this has made it worse. 

The rest of this week is going to be very challenging.

For tonight,  I’m going to snuggle with Emmett on the squishy couch and be grateful for what we haven’t lost. 

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       -Lost and Tired

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