More Gunfire tonight: 05/02/2012

More Gunfire tonight: 05/02/2012

I’m laying here in bed,  trying to sleep and there have been several rounds of gunfire. So far I’ve heard over a dozen shots tonight in the span of only a few minutes.

The first was like,  bang…..bang…..bang…..bang.

The second was like,  bang.bang.bang.bang.bang.bang.bang.bang.

I just called 911 and the cops are on their way to check things out.

I also made Lizze turn the lights out and come upstairs because I don‘t want her to be a random target. This is really sad that it’s come down to fearing for our lives,  not to mention scary.

I’ve spoken with my neighbors recently and everyone is scared for their lives.

I thinking that moving is going to have to take center stage because we haven’t even hit summer yet and already its getting bad.

At this point,  I don‘t know what to do. As with many other special needs families,  we can’t afford to move,  but at the same time, we can’t afford not to.
I’ve had this idea for awhile now.  Since the police are clearly unable to address the problems of gun and gang violence,  we should use the national guard. We need some type of armed task force to come in and conduct raids on known drug and gangs locations.

It’s pretty common knowledge where these places are but nothing is ever done about them.

Personally,  I just want to get as far away from here as possible. I want my family safe from stray bullets and drive by shootings.

This type of fear makes an already seemingly impossible task seem that much more challenging.

Please stay safe everyone.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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As if the kids aren't quite enough to worry about! I guess you'll have to put all energy you have into relocating. Wish I knew how to pull that off for you…do the boys have any type of social service help? If so, tap all the people you work with for ways to make this move happen. Any church affiliation? Some kind-hearted soul who just happens to have a vacant spot, like on a farm or something?Advertize on your blog and Facebook! Lots of people know lots of other people, you never know who can help. There is something good out there for your family. Hopefully you will find it very soon! Peace, and stay safe!

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