Please say a prayer for Gavin

We have left the Geneticist and gone straight to the ER.  Gavin almost fell face first off the exam table.

It was suggested that we just take him home and let him sleep but that’s not going to happen.  Gavin,  literally can’t hold himself up and can barely speak. Everything is slurred and or doesn’t make sense.

Somethings not right and we want to make sure nothing is serious.

We can’t keep him awake. This is one of those times that as his parents,  we have to do what we feel is right for our child.  Especially with special needs children,  we know our kids better then someone meeting him for the first time.

Now we are just waiting…..

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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Keeping you all in our prayers here!


How dare a person look at a child who can't hold himself up, AND SUGGEST TO HIS PARENTS TO TAKE HIM HOME TO SLEEP IT OFF?! You are dealing with idiots! You need different doctors, and a different hospital, preferably Cleveland Clinic or Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus. They are good. What medications is Gavin on, could he possibly be going toxic!? I have known a few kids that meds built up in their systems and had what you are describing, such as chest pains, and slurred speech. He needs blood tests for all his levels and needs to checked for seizures and or stroke. I am praying that the doctors that look at him find out what is really going on. He sounds like he is overdosed. Please know I am not suggesting that meds were given or taken wrong,I just have found that autistic kids process meds differently but doctors don't acknowledge that. Prayers for Gavin and all of you, Gloria


The doctor has no experience with Gavin and I think that had something to do with it.

He\’s not toxic or overmedicated but they are checking to be sure. The issue is his blood pressure. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers 🙂