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I wanted to talk for a little bit about what happens when routines change. Every child on the #Autism spectrum reacts differently to change.  This post in particular,  is how my youngest son,  Emmett,  has reacted to Gavin being home everyday.

You may recall that Gavin has recently been pulled from school due to health related issues.

This means, not only is he home everyday,  but his being home has completely disrupted Emmett’s schedule.  The unexpected change has plunged Emmett into a state of chaos.

It’s actually a bit strange, Emmett likes the fact that Gavin’s home but simply isn’t coping with it very well.

Emmett has become much more aggressive since Gavin has been home. He’s not eating like he normally would be and he’s also not sleeping for nap time as well as he was previously.

It’s not like Gavin’s doing something wrong,  it’s more like Emmett’s world has been turned upside down by the fact that he is home,  all day,  every day.

Having Gavin home is not without its challenges.  We have to shop for groceries in a different way and go through much more food now.  Gavin also requires more attention and that attention has to come from somewhere.

I think that overall,  it’s a combination of many factors that have caused this type of reaction from Emmett. 

Probably one of the biggest things is the fact that Emmett is still without his therapies.  While all three have been re-approved,  we are still waiting on more paperwork before he can return.

The overall change in routine has really been disrupting and destabilizing.

I just wish things could go back to the way they used to be. While that isn’t going to happen anytime soon,  I will probably still be wishing for it every single day.

Emmett is driving me crazy and Gavin isn’t helping matters…

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Miz Kp

Hope Gavin feels better soon. I can relate to how it can be for our children when routines change.