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I totally forgot to share this before. The other day while we were at the neurologist,  Gavin said the funniest thing.

We all know that ASD kids can say things that skip the filter.  Sometimes what slips out is a totally random and often funny.

The other day,  the neurologist was talking to Gavin about how he was feeling.  Gavin was asked a question about whether or not he thought he was still having seizures. 

Gavin answered with,  “guess what,  I collect money.”

The doctor thought it was so funny he actually wrote it down on Gavin’s chart so he could remember it.  🙂

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       -Lost and Tired

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Haha rob, you have no idea how often this happens to me! I was doing a planning activity with a kid and asked if he thought this would help with his writing task…he looks at me and says “did you know people eat ducks!? Ducks are part of the bird family…everyone eats birds” I too wrote it down on his file so I could remember 🙂


Thanks Julia. Kids say the darndest things sometimes..