The first day of homeschool

Today marks Gavin’s first official day of homeschooling or home instruction. Because his health is fragile,  his doctor has pulled him from school and we subsequently set up home instruction,  to finish out the year.

He’s excited about going because Gavin’s one of those kids that really likes school.

He will be meeting his teacher at the local library for 2.5 hours this morning.  She will spend that time teaching and then assign him homework for the week.

I’m hoping this works out well for him and doesn’t end in disaster. Gavin doesn’t always do well in these situations.

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       -Lost and Tired

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Bonnie Stewart

Hurray for Gavin! Hurray for you! Home instruction definitely has its perks, especially when you are plugged in to an outside school for accounting purposes. On thing nice is that you are not restricted to wait 'til after school to go places with him. Now and then my boys get a little bored at home, but they are also more relaxed and so the melt-downs are not as bad, etc. Go for it!