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I woke up this morning to find a little present next to my bed.  This was actually kinda weird and a little bit creepy.  The reason I say that is because Lizze and I have been watching these paranormal movies lately and they kinda freak me out.

Waking up to a tower of shoes kind caught me off guard a little bit.  I actually thought I was dreaming.

Turns out,  Emmett was the responsible party. He built this and left it as a present for me.  So sweet of him.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I opened a cupboard at work recently to find the trains lined up along the edge of the shelf 🙂

Onyx Panthyr

That's adorable. 🙂


Love it! 😀 My son does the video tapes (yes, we still have those) and builds tall towers with them…then does some kind of stimming rain dance around them!…yeh, everything normal's here…er ahem
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Ha! Yes, I've often tried to describe how there are little joys that are often embedded in our usually stressful parents-of-special-needs-kids-days, but it's a bit hard for others to see, I think. Sometimes, we get to laugh louder than most parents, and it's lovely. My favorite example is when Daniel's therapist asked him to draw a flower. He took the crayon and paper and sat down and went to work. When he was finished, he handed the paper back to her and on it was the word "no,." He didn't feel like drawing no dang flower. Point taken. Am glad you had one of those little joys in your morning. –Leslie

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Angela C.

He's just trying to show his love for you! Smiles….


I know. It was just strange to wake up to that 🙂