Today’s Victory: Fun with water -

Today’s Victory: Fun with water

Today’s victory is brought to you by Elliott and Emmett once again. We took the boys outside to play in the yard for a little bit.  It’s been relatively quiet so we took advantage of the opportunity. 

We started out playing baseball and ended up having a water fight. 

It started out by giving the dogs some water and turned into Elliott and Emmett soaking each other with the hose. Why is this a Today’s Victory? Simple,  the boys don’t usually like getting wet,  especially Emmett. However,  they seemed to do fine with it this evening and had a lot of fun. 

Gavin didn’t participate because he was going out to eat with Grandpa and couldn’t afford to get dirty.  Instead,  he counted the fence posts.  🙂

I love my kids.  🙂






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Hi – looks like fun! My son hates when his clothes get wet – any time something – even the smallest drop gets on his shorts (he wears shorts 365 days a year – sensory integration disorder is to thank for his lovely clothing issues…). He asks me EVERY time "Will this dry? How long before it dries?" Thankfully, it always dries!

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