#Autism and Anxiety

Its been awhile since I have updated you on Elliott‘s current whereabouts in the land of anxiety.  To put things bluntly,  he’s lost in the the land of anxiety.

This poor kid is in absolute need of constant reassurance.  Right now he has 2 settings,  sleeping and whining/crying.

He panics all the time over things that shouldn’t bother him nearly that much.  It doesn’t help when Emmett is constantly bullying him. He doesn’t always have to physically hit Elliott to upset him.  Emmett likes to impede Elliott‘s movements.  For example,  if Elliott‘s trying to leave a room,  Emmett will block the doorway and not let him pass.  This will send Elliott into complete panic.

Then of course,  we have Gavin and his meltdowns.  They certainly aren’t helping things any. We also have the loud explosions outside recently that freak him out. The poor kid just can’t catch a break.

Literally,  every 5 minutes he’s wanting to snuggle or give me a hug. While I never mind things like that, after awhile it gets overwhelming and interferes with daily life.

Elliott has been on Risperdal for quite a few months now but I don’t think it’s working anymore.  If it is actually working,  than it means Elliott‘s anxiety is simply increasing and the dose needs changed.  However,  we  have had to switch psychiatrists and Elliott will be treated by his original pediatrician going forward.  This will be a good thing for Elliott.  We just need to make until then.

As a father,  it’s heartbreaking for me to know that one of my children is experiencing life in this manner. I can’t help but feel like I’ve let him down.

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       -Lost and Tired

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