#Autism and the potty woes

I very distinctly remember sharing the news when Emmett was finally potty trained.  Diapers were an absolute nightmare for us.  He refused to wear anything but the Cookie Monster diapers and it was a huge,  huge expense for many years.

Since being potty trained for about the last year or years and a half,  he’s done really good.  I can’t actually remember him having any accidents. 

However,  for the last month or so,  Emmett has been afraid to go potty by himself. I have to stand in the bathroom so he’s not alone. He’s also “unable”  to put his underpants back on after he’s done. It’s more like unwilling to put his underpants back on. 

I don’t know what happened.  This seems to have come out of nowhere.  I feel like he’s taking a few steps backwards.

Being that he’s Autistic,  there could be any number of reasons that I would never see myself. Even though he’s talking much better,  he doesn’t say what’s wrong, just that he wants me to wait with him.

Maybe it’s just a phase?  Maybe something happened to him while in the bathroom that scared him and this is the result?

How many of you all see this type of 2 teos forward,  or even step back kinda thing with your child on the ASD spectrum?  Does it seem to be more of a phase for you or do you find that it’s something else all together?.

I could really use some advice because this is starting to drive me a little batty.  However,  more importantly,  I want to make sure this is not a sign of regression and instead just a hickup along the way.

The reason I worry is because this is the age Gavin was when he began regressing.  I’m terrified of this happening to Emmett

Emmett’s therapist says not to worry about it and just work through it with him,  which we do.  However,  if you have even known the absolute heartache of losing a child to regression,  you will understand my fears. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I totally understand the two steps forward and one step back thing.  I actually wrote a blog with that title.  And it seems to be a common sentiment among other blogs that I read as well.  Of course everyone gets upset about the prospect of hard-earned progress being lost.  Hell, I did last week… and here she is this week, pulling herself out of it and pushing ahead yet again.  I tend to notice cycles in her development.  Big bursts of progress followed by some steps backward- and even a few more than for comfort at times.  She always seems to pull herself out, but I sympathize with how nerve-wracking it is.  Hang in there. 
Also, when I was Emmett's age I remember suddenly being very afraid of being in a room without my mom- even the bathroom.  It drove my mom crazy, but I was just afraid and I don't even know why.  It might not be as abnormal as it seems, but of course keep an eye on it and keep reassuring and encouraging him.  I'm sure little Emmett will get back on track.