What I found during an imaginary train ride with my kids

What I found during an imaginary train ride with my kids

Yesterday, I was hanging out with Elliott and Emmett, trying to redirect them away from the meldowns Gavin was having throughout the day. That is often easier said than down. However, Emmett has been pushing the dinning room chairs together lately and pretending it’s a train. That in and of itself is awesome to see.

Anyway, yesterday I was in desperate need of finding my happy place. I always joke around about that all the time. Well, It’s more like 60% joking and 40% serious. Actually, it’s more like 40% joking and 60% serious. You get the point.

I figured, why not take a ride on Emmett’s imaginary train and see what I can find along the way. Elliott and Emmett really got into it and so I thought I would record it because maybe you can try this at home with your kids. 

what I didn’t know going into this was just how awestruck by the absolute wisdom, my 6 year old, little boy with #Autism possesses. I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday. I was reminded that I’m not always the one doing the teaching. 🙂

I also realized that I already had a happy place, I had just forgotten where it was.

Think about it…….



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@KatrinaMoody @Lost_and_Tired Awesome!


@preferredlearn Rob really rocks it, doesn't he? 🙂 {hugs} Rob!


@KatrinaMoody Thanks 🙂


I LOVE this video! Save it and cherish it and show it to them years from now! It is adorable! 🙂

TV James



Deep Respect x



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