What kids show do you HATE the most

We all suffer through watch shows with our kids.  While we enjoy the time with our kids,  the suffering part comes along with the obnoxious shows they have on for kids anymore.

I thought it would be fun to share what shows we hate the most and why.

Personally,  I can’t stand Dora the Explorer.  I don’t know that I have a really good reason for it,  but after years and years of having it crammed down my throat,  I simply can’t stomach it any more.

I mean,  who let’s their little kid wander the jungle alone with a friggin monkey anyway?

I also don’t like how they make very dangerous animals look friendly and approachable to kids. Who really pals around with an anaconda for a day and doesn’t get eaten? Am I right?

Please share your least favorite show that you suffer through for the sake of your little kiddos.



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  • perplexingminds says:

    I can't stand in the night garden or boobahs… both I think are incoherent and pointless

  • JenniferWhynott says:

    I have never ben able to stomach Barney. I also cannot stand boobah. I have been watching kids shows for 12 years and most of them I can deal with. Sponge Bob will push me over the edge it is not allowed in my home

  • elysesalpeter says:

    @Lost_and_Tired any one that depicts teen girls as ridiculous and stupid – as most do these days! Not good for my preteen. Sigh

  • bry brys mommy says:

    i can't stand sponge bob for sure thats the #1 show that i could live with out  . It should not be aloud to be on tv.  i don't mind barney every once in a while. not sure if i like dora or not.lol. max and ruby is a cute show but where are there parents.:)

  • TV James says:

    Caillou – our daughter became really whiny until we banned that kid from our TV.  

  • TV James says:

    Caillou – our daughter became really whiny until we banned that kid from our TV.  


  • wolfkabal says:

    SpongeBob for sure – I can usually deal with anything else my son decides to watch. Even many of the new disney teeny dramas – but SB is an immediate "okay, time to go do something else" moment.

  • HelenagainKrane says:

    Jake and the neverland pirates, Stella and Sam, Franny's feet, Toopie and Binou, Manon that's all I can think of off the top of my head for now…..

  • vivacerc says:

    I personally cannot Spongebob Squarepants, but recently I found an even worse show than that–The Fred Show.

  • Jennifer DW says:

    I have 3 least favorite:  Fairly Odd Parents, Johnny Test and Spongebob.  My son (not on the spectrum) picks up undesirable habits and attitudes from these 3 shows.  My daughter, who is on the spectrum, recognizes Spongebob but picks up none of the language or habits.

    • lostandtired says:

       @Jennifer DW That's interesting you brought that up because we have a similar problem here. Gavin at 12 is the one that mimics everything he sees. I actually watched Johnny Test for the first time this morning and used to tolerate Fairly Odd Parents but not Spongebob…
      Thanks 🙂

  • A13xiaH says:

    No 1 Spongebob Squarepants. I used to think Max and Ruby was cute, until Gretchen decided that talking like Max was cool. While I like the music during Fresh Beat Band but I cannot stand the dialogue. Then again, I'm not 5. My girls think it's funny. Theo (asd) doesn't really pay attention to the shows…he has his own DVDs. Oh, and then there's bubble guppies.

  • HelenagainKrane says:

    I also wanted to add Tickety toc, care bears, and the secret world of Benjamin Bear

  • Motivatedmum says:

    I have a love hate relationship with Thomas the Tank Engine! Even now 12 years on the music sends a shiver down my spine and takes me right back to the stressful early years. My son used to watch and pause and rewind and watch over and over again until the tape nearly wore out. However it was a way in to my world and the railway track and engines were a place where I could model social interaction and enter into my sons world so for that I am grateful. Currently I dislike tacey Beaker and Horrid Henry and both my sons behaviour dips after they have been watching these although we have discussed why I don't like them so I guess there is a learning point there somewhere! He is now 12 and off to mainstream secondary school, has just had some great sats results ( never thought he would even be able to sit them) and everyone at school thinks he is a great child with model behaviour and a great attitude to his work – what more could i ask? So if you are currently being subjected to repeats of your childs obsessive TV programme just hold out a while, use it to get through the autism curtain and you too may soon be having the wonderful experiences i have with my son. Good Luck!

  • GabrielaMcNiel says:

    Spongebob, Dora, Diego & slowly but surely Team Umizoomi & Bubble Guppies – i can stomach them but we have to watch them so much that it can be annoying – lol!

  • Jennifer says:

    Barney or Tele-Tubbies (however you spell it).  Thankfully my kids are much older now!

  • AshleyJensen says:

    Dino Dan.  Ugh, can't stand that show.  But both my kiddos are obsessed with dinosaurs, so I have to suffer.  We have been cutting back on shows because our oldest, who is three and has ASD, copies entire episodes.  So now when I find an episode of Peppa Pig irritating, Tyler just recites the whole thing, over and over and over.  :PI don't allow Spongebob in our house, but apparently most of you share that!  🙂 

  • rmagliozzi says:

    Yeah, I hate Go, Diego, Go and Dora too. I really hate Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. My oldest with autism heard about it from a friend at school who's mother does not screen his TV shows very much. It is a pretty violent show with some really dark episodes, scenes mimicking hell and things like that.  My son saw about 2 episodes before I caught onto how bad it was and banned it from our house. He still tries to be sneaky and watch it. It's really a cartoon for teenagers or adults, not kids.

  • rmagliozzi says:

     @lostandtired  @Jennifer DW Mine too! He is 8 and now talks like a teenager after watching "Regular Show" on Cartoon Network. He new phrase is "Seriously?!"  to half of everything I say.

  • eofkhasspoken says:

    Dora and Diego are both annoying but we tolerate them.  The show that’s banned at our house is The Wonderpets.  The little duck Ming-Ming has such a snotty attitude and my five year old daughter Caitlin starts mimicking that.  We also had to stop watching The Rugrats because on one episode one of the babies lost his diaper and they made a big production of running around with his butt hanging out; a few days later Cait go in trouble at preschool for imitating this and pulling her pants down twice.  Evan, our autistic 3 year old, pretty much only watches Yo Gabba Gabba but I actually really like that show.