Special needs parenting and those tough decisions

Lizze and I never have the luxury of easy decisions.  For example,  we would like to go celebrate the 4th of July with family in Youngstown,  Ohio. 

This is one of the few times where we cod actually pull it off. So often we are unable to go for one reason or another.

The problem,  or rather the concern about going is the weather. It’s supposed to be in the high 90’s again and the humidity will likely be worse.  Where we are going,  the boys would not be able to spend much time inside and they don’t handle the heat well at all,  especially Gavin.  Don’t get me started on all the safety and health related reasons for Gavin alone.  The reasons not to go simply outweigh the reasons to go.

Having said that,  it would be nice to see my grandmother and I know the boys want to go as well.

I honestly don’t know what the right thing to do is. The drive is about 80 minutes one way and I just know,  if we do go,  we’ll get there and have to leave shortly after arriving because it’s simply to hot for the boys.

We can’t afford the gas in the first place,  let alone to drive up there and have to leave right away. Plus,  I don’t know about you,  but 3 kids with Autism and 3 hours in the car don’t often go well together. I can already hear the screaming.

This is one of the huge downsides to special needs parenting.  Decisions like this,  that most people would not think twice about are the types of decisions that we have to think through very carefully.  More often than not,  the only clear cut answer is to error on the side of caution. The downside to that is that you miss out on everything,  every time.
Nothing is ever easy…

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       -Lost and Tired

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It can be so disheartening to try to provide life experiences for your children when the cons outweigh the pros. Maybe you can find a televised fireworks display and watch that together as a family on a blanket with popcorn. We are fortunate that we live a quarter mile from the firework display so we can sit on our driveway.