Gavin’s coming home: Update 07/16/2012 (9am)

I just spoke with Lizze this morning again.  Gavin is scheduled for his MRI at 10:10am this morning.  However,  because of his history of PICA,  they want to do an abdominal X ray first to ensure there are no medal objects in his system that rip through his insides during the MRI.

Lizze also explained that Gavin has had a couple episodes of possible apnea.  We don’t know the exact cause but his O2 sats dropped to about 80%. 

Lizze had to physically shake him and make him take a deep breath before his sats returned to normal.  We have no idea what happened but it’s possible that this could cause a delay in his return home.  In this case. I would be all for a delay because,  we don’t have an apnea monitor,  so if this happened again……….

I will pass more along as I get the information.

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       -Lost and Tired

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