Behavioral Crisis: Update 07/21/2012 (2pm) -

Behavioral Crisis: Update 07/21/2012 (2pm)

We finally made it home from the meeting this morning at Akron Children’s Hospital.  This called a family session.  Basically,  we met with the social worker and medical staff. 
The social worker met with us first and she was amazing.  We talked for about an hour or so before she brought Gavin into the room.

She was extremely supportive they actually seem to have a grasp on at least some of what makes Gavin who he is.  They have accepted all the behavioral issues and are going to address.  This is really kind of a big deal because in the past,  we have always had to try and convince them of this stuff.

When we met with Gavin,  he did pretty well.  He got frustrated a few times but maintained his cool for the most part.

He doesn’t accept responsibility for his actions.  He blames everything on the oatmeal.  We told him how much we love him but that violence is not welcome in our house… PERIOD.

We informed him that while he’s up there he will receive no visitors.

He did not like that but we have to send a very clear message. I told him that he is always welcomed at home,  however,  his behaviors are not.

For those of you unfamiliar with what this feels like,  allow me to enlighten you. Every time we have to do this,  no matter how angry or frustrated I am,  a little piece of me dies. The anger and frustration doesn’t keep my heart from breaking.  It’s one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced in my life.  Nothing ever prepares you for having to do something like this.

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,  ever.  If you have never experienced this,  please don’t ever take that for granted. 

The next step is Monday when we hear from the doctor. I’ll keep you all updated. 

Thank you all so much for the continued love and support you shoe my family.  It means the world to us and I will be forever grateful.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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chris crane

Thought and prayers for all of you,I can't even imagine how this feels to do,but for Gavin and the whole family ,it truly had to be done,Gavin can no longer control the household and the emotional well being of the house hold ,He is in a place that seems to be addressing his mental condition,while being able to respond if a medical need arises. You and you wife,are incredible,loving people ,you have done every thing you can,and to seek help when the family needs it . I pray that this helps Gavin ,and maybe will get the answers that you been trying to get for him . Stay Strong ,lot;s of hugs to Lizze, God bless the Lost and Tired family


My heart goes out to your family. I can only imagine the pain you are going through as parents. Please know that there are people out there who understand your decisions. Your family is continually in my prayers. I think that the fact that this clinic is understanding and sympathetic to Gavin's issues is a sign that this is the right course of action and that hopefully with hard work on everyone's part maybe life will begin to turn around!

Marlene Barnett

Unless you have experienced what you & Lizze are going through,people just won’t understand. I did & I agree it’s like a piece of you had died. That’s the perfect way to e it. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


Rob and Lizzie:
Just wanted to stop by to let you know that I am thinking of you and your family. HUGS!!

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I figure as long as the pros say the oatmeal and the not visiting works, you're in good shape. Every situation calls for a different approach. Hang in there. I remember when we were considering a different living arrangement for Ted, we wanted to die inside. And my mom is facing the same thing with my dad. It sucked. Still does. What matters is what works best, not how you feel, how others feel. If you cared only about your feelings, you wouldn't be doing what was best, I'd imagine…stay strong..
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In the future, I am going to blame it on the oatmeal. Previously I had blamed the moon. Thank you. (And, you guys did a good thing today. Difficult, but necessary. Good you can maybe have a tiny little break now.)

Jennifer Fury

Rob, you guys are being incredibly strong, and I hope you get some time with your little guys soon! I think this facility sounds like a good fit for now, and you have to try and take some comfort in that right? I can't imagine what it must feel like to love, fear, hurt for, and hurt because of your child. My boys are both on the spectrum but are very young and thus far we haven't experienced any violent behaviors. That being said, it is a huge fear of mine for the future. Don't let any negative feedback get you down…..I feel sorry for people who feel they have the wisdom to criticize something they can't possibly understand. Bottom line is, even if you have had a child with similar issues, no 2 children are alike and you have two little boys and an ill wife to consider. I have tremendous respect for you and your wife.
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