Bella is getting back on her feet

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I wanted to update you all as to how Ms. Bella is doing.  If you recall,  that we had a bit of an emergency this morning when she ripped one of her toe nails partly off.
It was all twisted and mangled. 

The boys were all freaked out because she was bleeding everywhere.

We got her into the vet and they had to cut the nail off,  well past the nail bed. It was quite painful for her but they didn’t have to muzzle her.  The vet said that most dogs would have to be muzzled but that Bella did really well and it wasn’t necessary.

This was quite a scare, especially for the boys.  Blood is a scary thing to see when your a kid. 

She should be good as new in a few days.

Thank you Carl for helping us through this today. 




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       -Lost and Tired

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  • Diane says:

    That first picture of Bella is amazing! So glad she is doing better!

  • carl says:

    glad she is better. 🙂
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