Lost and Tired family lock down

Lost and Tired family lock down

I wanted to share some of the security measures we have been forced to take since Gavin arrived home from the psychiatric unit earlier this week.

Do to his unpredictable nature and increasingly violent meltdowns,  we have to take precautions in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

The very first things we have implemented are locks, alarms and a good home security system.

It’s honestly like living in a prison. There are a whole shlue of keys needed to get into critical areas of the Lost and Tired house.  For example,  the two big ones are the cabinet in the kitchen and the closet in the bathroom.

All chemicals are stored behind lock and key in the bathroom closet,  including toothpaste and mouthwash.

All medications,  dishes,  silverware, knives and anything other potential weapons are locked in the cabinet in the kitchen. This makes navigating the house a pain at times but significantly safer.

The other thing we did was install an alarm on Gavin’s bedroom door so that he can no longer sneak in and out of his bedroom.

None of this is pleasant,  in fact,  I truly hate it. It feels like we’re living in a prison. At this point however,  we are left with little choice. As time goes on and money allows,  the security measures will continue to expand throughout the house.

For right now, what we have managed to do is helping to ensure everyone’s safety.

I’m happy to answer and provide links and prices for what you see pictured below.

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**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I wish you and Liz and all the kids good luck. I hope they can help Gavin. I hope Thom doesn’t turn out the same way. You guys keep doing what it takes to stay safe and to get Gavin the help he needs. Prayers to you and yours.

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I guess I don't understand all this sudden emphasis on security. I know Gavin has hit out during meltdowns, but have you had trouble with violence at night or unprovoked attacks? Maybe I've missed something? It seems as if Gavin has gone suddenly from sick-kid-with-meltdowns to hide-the-knives-lock-him-up-get-him-out-of-the-house. Probably the transition has been there for you, but this all seems rather abrupt for readers. (This comment is meant completely as a request for clarification, a sort of "huh?", not a questioning at all of what is right or wrong to do in your situation.)


No offense taken. What you may have missed was Gavin screaming he was going to kill us. Also, this isn\’t the first time we have had to employ security measures.

The reason for the precautions is that Gavin does have schizoaffective disorder and has a long history of hearing voices telling him to do things. Those things aren\’t always nice.

The other reason is simply because Gavin is continuing to escalate. The last meltdown he physically came after me and punched the dogs. These are all serious escalation and so we have to be ready for anything.

If you\’ve never had to take measures like this for am out of control child, not only are you lucky but less likely to understand.

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