Can you see the veggies?

Can you see the veggies?

As a special needs parent to 3 boys on the #Autism spectrum,  healthy eating can be extremely challenging.  My kids have many sensory issues that interfere with eating many new foods.  These issues revolve around taste,  texture,  smell or color.

Anyway,  I’m on a quest to make meals as healthy as possible. That means getting them to eat their veggies. 

Today,  I spent all day making my world famous,  chicken noodle soup.  Alright,  maybe world famous is a stretch,  but it’s pretty friggin good.

Can you see the veggies?  Nope.  You most certainly cannot.



All you see is chicken,  noodles and broth. What you don’t see,  or taste for that matter is all the veggies I crammed into this soup.

Here is the list of all the super healthy,  vitamin packed veggies that my won’t know they’re eating.

1) One full package of baby spinach
2) One whole onion (large)
3) One full bundle of green onions
4) 2 lbs of baby carrots
5) 1 lb of fresh string beans (green)
6) 2 cups of fresh milled flax

I think that’s a pretty decent amount of veggies to sneak into their food.  Emmett already tested it out and he loves it.  He didn’t even taste all the other stuff.

Want to try this for yourself?

All I did was throw everything into the blender and liquefied the veggies.  I then added them to the soup and let it boil for a few hours. All the veggies disappear,  leaving all the vitamins and minerals. 

Maybe it’s not the same as just eating them fresh,  but at this point,  it’s better than nothing. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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@kat13 glad it may help 🙂 I don't think that people understand how difficult these food issues can be.


 @lostandtired  Absolutely, agree with you on that.
Kids on the spectrum have a very hard time expressing and communicating their thoughts and feeling out to the world, so it is hard because on the daily basis you don't know any whats and whys. It seems like most of the articles out there concentrate on finding the cause of autism, but no one really teaches parents on how we can help our kids and do it better. 
I just really appreciate you have effort and time to share this information with the rest of us in this boat!


Love your idea, would definitely have to try! We have same problem with trying anything that is new and doesn't look the same as she remembers it. 
When mine was a baby, I used a lots of tofu to mix it into her milk bottles because she would refuse any baby food meats.


Good idea, and the soup looks yummy! Another idea, maybe carrot muffins?


@Chloe123 Great idea Chloe 🙂

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