How do you handle feeling "Lost and Tired" -

How do you handle feeling “Lost and Tired”

I suppose the title is self-explanatory but just in case. 🙂


So many of you have contacted me and said that Lost and Tired describes how you feel on many occasions. However, we have never really discussed how you handle feeling Lost and Tired.

When you find yourself feeling that way, what do you do?

I know that breaks are very often out the question. Is there a favorite song you listen to? Maybe a show you watch? Do you talk to someone?

I was just wondering, because I don‘t even know what to do sometimes. At times, I’m listen to music or perhaps more obviously, I blog. I’m always looking for new ideas on how to better cope with what life brings my way.

Maybe we can all help each other…….

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@katrinamoody Body Flow Class=Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi.


Talking everything out definitely helps with being lost. Talking to my daughter's psychiatrist helps to understand and learn about certain situations and issues. The book that I mentioned in the other post is like a manual for answers. 
When tired, planting or anything that have to do with plants activities really relaxes me – it helps my lost and tired brain to relax and shut the flow of thoughts for a bit. My daughter love water and she can spend hours in the pool, so I use it as a time to relax myself as well while she is swimming and splashing.  


@kat13 those are great ideas. I like the gardening idea. I walk or run to help myself to get centered.

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